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Some pleasures are indispensable. First of all, the pleasure of beauty. The most iconic Giacomo Alessi masterpieces are here.

Legendary pieces

Giacomo Alessi is a legendary brand. Like every legend, there are countless characters that animate the story and make it rich and inexhaustible. Then there are the great iconic figures, which remain imprinted in the collective imagination: in our legend Alessi, those are the must have pieces. Symbols, icons, true artworks destined to endure.

Something special

Giacomo Alessi artefacts are legendary because they also have a unique and inimitable quality: the spirit of a centuries-old art, the soul of a passion for craftsmanship that forges each object as truly exclusive.


Heritage Collection

A knowledge centuries old, a mythical language that will continue to speak to the present.


Design Collection

Ceramic artworks that take the form of the modern age. And, in this way, shaping it.


Home Collection

Each home tells a story to be lived to the full, every day.


Limited Editions

Some stories are unique, others inimitable: like this selection of Giacomo Alessi’s artworks.