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A long-awaited rebirth

Spring 2021

To be reborn is to start again, to take part in the cycle of the world that brings with each spring new richness and new beauty.

How long is the waiting time? All waiting is a suspended time, but it is not an empty time: it is a journey of preparation towards a new beginning.

The same journey that – according to legend – the Phoenix makes every five hundred years, from the deserts of Arabia to Egypt, on the shores of our Mediterranean Sea. Cradle of life and civilization, which for thousands of years has welcomed our every rebirth and enriched us with new life, new nourishment, new encounters and suggestions.

A journey that leaves behind the old burdens, the old fears, the anxieties. And the heavier this load, the more precious will be the nest that the Phoenix will build for its egg.

hen, finally, a fire. The same fire that gives life to ceramics, modelled by hands that guard a knowledge as ancient as this legend. From the flames arise colors, sprouts of life, the reawakening of nature. With him the joy of flowers explodes, the saturated contrasts of Mediterranean landscapes. Art and landscape come together, sculpted by the golden light of the sun of this magical land.

Then it is enough to open oneself up to the sun, the ancestral profile of a prickly pear blade, or the silhouette cut by the sun of a statue, of a face, to bring oneself back into harmony with the adventurous and immortal journey of life.

And finally, she is reborn, the new Phoenix. It takes flight and gives life to a bright landscape, welcoming spring. The flowers open, the fish shine under blue sea scales, faces full of hope look up to a new sky.

In spring, the house prepares to welcome new fruits, adorns itself with colors and opens up to new arrivals. To everything the world has to offer.

The art of ceramics meets interior design, in this spring 2021, and creates unique Caltagirone ceramic furnishing accessories, pieces of age-old knowledge that innovate the concept of furnishing: beauty arises from imagination and practicality, expert hands shape design objects to be lived in and used every day. Part of your home, part of your world that awakens.

The Collections

Heritage Collection

A centuries-old knowledge, a mythical language that continues to speak to the present.


Design Collection

Ceramics that takes the shape of the present. And thus, shapes it.


House Collection

Each house tells a story to be lived to the full, every day.


Special Selection

Every story has its memorable moments. These are our milestones.


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