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The tradition of Caltagirone ceramics

Giacomo Alessi ceramics are entirely handmade and decorated by hand. Each piece is unique and inimitable, the decorations are hand painted with precious enamels and fire annealed. Any small imperfections are the sign of our craftsmanship and therefore testify to the authenticity of the ceramic product.

Every object in the Giacomo Alessi Collections is fire-branded with our precious trademark bearing the signature of the Master and the legendary Civetta. The Limited Edition objects are accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity which certifies their uniqueness, with successive numbering, until the series is sold out.

Giacomo Alessi and his wife Giovanna, administrator and commercial spirit of the company, since 1978 have been able to innovate and give new life to the rich tradition of Sicilian ceramics to make it a tool of artistic expression, design and high craftsmanship. Thanks to their constant commitment and the skillful hands of their passionate craftsmen, the Giacomo Alessi company has succeeded in establishing itself as a leading company in the production of high-quality artistic ceramics, capable of expressing with originality the historical, landscape and cultural richness that characterizes Sicily and the Mediterranean.

Claudio Alessi, Giacomo and Giovanna’s son, has promoted the organic and international growth of the company through the launch of the giacomoalessi.com e-commerce platform, pursuing a strategy of positioning the luxury brand and opening to foreign markets. It has thus made Milan its commercial headquarters, with the establishment of Giacomo Alessi Trading S.R.L., and Scandinavia its reference market: it is precisely in Scandinavia that the Giacomo Alessi brand has become an icon of unique Mediterranean design, merging with the rigour and cleanliness of Scandinavian style.


How Giacomo Alessi ceramics are created

The products cooked twice or often three times, do not suffer the weather, humidity, heat, rain. They are entirely forged by hand, no machinery is used for the realization of our final product. We use only the lathe and our hands.

From the lathe stage, the circular shape gives life to the well-known animals, vases, lamp holders, fish. But also more practical objects such as bowls and plates, and even bottles of various sizes.

There are many gift ideas for important events and the possibility to request favors of various sizes. A vast production of bricks and tiles crushed by hand, the possibility to ask for personalized works as long as a handmade production is considered.
There are some new objects on the site, such as the floating fish, a recent patent of ours, the new Acroliths and all the production that you can find in our shops.

There are several novelties concerning the services of dishes, and useful products of the table, for the latter we use enamels completely free of Lead and in compliance with standards.

With this new brand there is an expansion of motifs and shapes, we intend to enter your home and make them magnificent.

With time, you will become attached to these objects, inevitably, whether they are a gift received or a purchase. The memory of someone who is no longer there, of a love ended or a friendship found again, the memory of a walk in Sicily before returning to your city.


How to use our ceramics

You do not want to deny anyone the opportunity to customize the use of our exclusive ceramics. Some of them have a purely aesthetic function, others fit into a home environment indoors, in the kitchen, living room or outdoors: in summer gardens, courtyards, balconies, terraces, on laid tables. To furnish your bathroom, to give color and personality to your favorite environment.


Private Collection

By appointment we can arrange visits to our Private Collection.

These unique pieces are not part of our usual catalogue but are the result of Giacomo Alessi’s artistic inspiration. The price list is confidential but can be requested on the day of the visit if you are in Caltagirone.

We recommend the visit to those who want to buy something really unique, out of the usual patterns.

You can request an appointment using our email or our telephone-contacts.